The Sustainable Business. An award-winning introduction to the circular economy.

The Sustainable Business. A Perfect Introduction for Understanding the Fundamentals of Sustainability in a Business Context

Sustainability is about sensible business. It covers the legal, financial, economic, industrial, social and behavioral aspects of business, not just “going green”. In particular, sustainability is about measuring and controlling expenses wherever they arise, whether through the husbanding of scarce raw material resources or the use of energy. Measurement and control are something that every businessman or businesswoman can understand.

Recommended for managers, employees, teachers, and students, this readable and informative guide explains the importance of waste minimisation as a first step toward sustainability. Within its pages, the breadth and depth of long-term, profitable business practices are explored with an emphasis on optimizing resources (including labor and markets) and maximizing purchases and investments while minimizing the costs of non-product (waste), unemployment, short-term thinking and environmental degradation. As proof of its potency, The Sustainable Business has recently been disseminated to over 1.3 million people around the globe and it is now being translated into Mandarin for distribution across China. Bottom Line: If you’re looking to gain insight on the future of business, this is it!

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The Sustainable Business

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- Sustainability and How It Applies to Every Business
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